The Problem With Probability

My attention has been drawn to an apologetic work by Stephen Unwin (via Carter). It reminded me of Richard Swinburne's* work. Swinburne claims that the Resurrection of Christ is 97% probable.

It does not appear to me that these discussions attempt to seriously account for the presuppositional nature of evidence. That is, all "factual" knowledge is necessarily interpreted. I'm sorry, but failure to acknowledge this is incredible epistemic naiveté.

A much preferable argument against "agnosticism" is made by William Young in his (now impossible to find) Foundations Of Theory, 1967. Let me quote:

"The agnostic's assertion that the existence of God is open to question [if it is to refer to the existence of the biblical God] will be taken to refer to God understood as the Origin of all meaning. If it is true that any meaning is possible only if [this] God exists, it follows that, if [this] God does not exist, then no meaning is possible, and [therefore], assertion, denial, or doubt of His existence is meaningless. [But] for the existence of [this] God to be open to question, doubt of His existence must be meaningful. Consequently, on the supposition that [this] God does exist, it follows that if [this] God does not exist, His existence cannot be open to question. But the agnostic asserts both that [this] God might not exist and that His existence is open to question. Hence the agnostic's position is coherent only on the supposition of atheism."

Of course, "atheism" here must be understood as any view which denies the existence of the biblical God (Origin of all meaning). But do you get it? The position that the existence of the biblical God is open to question already assumes His non-existence if it takes the "openness-to-question" as meaningful. Therefore, genuine agnosticism is impossible.


Visions Of Sin

Despite the joys of occasional research and of recommending good literature to the masses, sometimes working at a bookstore is a sort of torture. And yet, surrounded by the objects of my lust, it is an opportunity for sanctification in mortifying covetousness.

One of the recent titles I find most desirable is Dylan's Visions of Sin. See other review comments here and here.

In other news, little bro Gary is soon to play Dublin's Oxegen Festival with his latest ensemble, Cartoon. Here are photos of him on stage [first pic (in center) and second to last pic, with sax].


Brady Rehabs

For those who are concerned and have not received an update, Andy has the latest.


Public Intellectuals Of The Kingdom

And Jesus said to them, "Therefore every scribe who has become a disciple of the kingdom of heaven is like a head of a household, who brings out of his treasure things new and old." (Matt 13:52)

I've been doing some more reading on the topic of Public Intellectuals. While the "scribe" that Christ speaks of here is not historically identical to what has come to be called a "public intellectual," there are significant continuities.

In any case, I find it most provocative that Christ takes cognizance of the possibility of disciple-scribes, and envisions for them a kingdom task of excavation and dissemination of valuable things, new and old.

If, afterall, the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in Christ, then the prospects are certain for even the publicly engaged Christian thinker to work profitably.

What could be more exciting!?


Summer Filled Sky

Our old college friend, Jennifer Daniels, has a new CD. Sooner than later, I am told, it will be available on PasteMusic.

If you are unfamiliar with Jen's music, let me assure you that you will not be disappointed. Her site has mp3s of some of her earlier material, so give it a listen. Jen weaves songs with the stuff dreams are made of, and when you pay attention, you've never felt so awake and alive.


More* Info For Anti-Calvinists

The modern classic, The Five Points Of Calvinism, by Steele & Thomas, is now available in a second edition (with expansions by Lance Quinn). Along with "Back Into Grace," it is the book I most frequently recommend to anyone who is interested in the gospel message.


Charm City Happens

Hoping to contribute to a greater awareness of our city's local happenings, I recently posted some info on a group blog. Find out what you're missing! If you live in Baltimore, there's no excuse for an uneventful summer.


On The Fritz

The computer has been down for a while. But I think I'm back in the game now.
My main email account filled up around the 31st of May, so if you got a bounce-back after that time, try again.

Stay tuned folks. We will resume our normal broadcasting schedule shortly.