The Outrageous Idea Of Dooyeweerdian Scholarship

The first meeting of the Amsterdam Reformational Philosophy Club was an unmitigated success (see three posts down for basic info). Set with Oud Kampen Sigars, and beer, we had very fruitful reading and discussion. After an hour&a-half we moved the philosophizing from vE90 to the Balie and continued for almost three more hours. Do continue to pray for us. DV, our next meeting will be 19 December.


talk To Me, Baby.

I finally got a microphone for my computer! So... if you also have a computer and a microphone, you can download google talk and we can converse for free. I'm typically connected to the net and signed-in to gt whenever I'm at my apartment. If you don't have my email (for adding me to your contacts), just leave a comment, and I'll send it to you.


Giving Thanks Overseas

Thanks to the Polstras who had me and a few expats over for an excellent meal. Turkey with all the works. It was the best meal I've had since I've been here.

Most of all I'm thankful to the Lord who answered my 9 year long prayer and lament, and brought me to the Free University to study. "How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out."

The Free University of Amsterdam main building


Alle Bladeren Zijn Bruin

The weather here has taken a definite turn for the worse. This is the beginning of the wet and cold that I feared. It's nasty and gives people something to commiserate about, but so far I'm holding up.

The new Amsterdam student Reformational Philosophy Club will have their first meeting 28 Nov (Monday) at 8pm in the vE90 facility. So we've got about a week to finish all the arrangements and make sure everyone who's interested knows about it.

There's an update at Reformatorischeblog on Dooyeweerdian basic principles of social philosophy.

vE90 building, actual current weather nowhere near this nice


Veterans Day

I am Constitutionally opposed to undeclared wars, but I am grateful for the personal effort and sacrifice of every U.S. military serviceperson, past and present.

Here are several audio stories about our veterans. Here's a great resource for expressing personal support to active soldiers.


Bach In The Begijnhof

Saturday evening I enjoyed a stunning and intimate performance on Baroque Cello and Harpsichord by the Duo Edelen and the tenor vocal of Richard Zook (who appears on Peter Schat's Monkey Subdues the White-Bone Demon opera CD). The performance was held at the Begijnhof, a perfect setting for the music. Too bad my date never showed up!

courtyard of the Begijnhof

Afterward, I just hopped around the corner to Dante's Cafe & Gallery. But eventually I settled across the street at the more earthy Konings Hut. Philosophical conversation ensued. A good time was had by all.


Jazzy Pictures

Once again, Donal comes through with some nice pics of brother Gary. Apparently, the VSB trio performed, and he also played with Cartoon. I know it's all about the music, but I wonder if he made any dough at the Fest this year.

You may have noticed my new "header." Yeah, unfortunately it is quite pixelated. Maybe I can fix it in the future. But I was wanting something more interesting, and it'll do for now.