South Of The Border

This past weekend, a few days off work happily coincided with an old college friend's birthday. So I shot down to Columbia, South Carolina for a party. Now, I could say alot about the weekend, but I will mention two things. First of all, you should know that Michele is an obit writer... because that's just really cool. Second, despite the rumor of its financial connections to the Klan, I enjoyed the buffet at Maurice's. I figure it balances out those times I purchased copies of The Final Call.

Gaelic Dooyeweerdian

You may remember the Dutch Dooyeweerdian Farmer, and the French Dooyeweerdian Theologian...
allow me to introduce a Scots-Gaelic Dooyeweerdian Poet.


And Moore Debunkers

I've enjoyed the various anti-Michael Moore sites, and thought I might share them with you.
Moore Watch
Moore Lies
Moore Exposed
Bowling For Truth
Fahrenheit 411
Centigrade 9/11

And then there are several articles you may find interesting.
Dave Kopel
Isikoff & Hosenball
Larry Pratt

Of course there is a book and a movie too.
Big Fat Stupid White Man
Hates America


The Da Vinci Debunkers

Dan Brown's pop-novel is taken seriously by way too many people. And there will soon be a movie to dupe the masses who don't read.

Thankfully, there is plenty of information out there to clear up the confusion. I know of at least eleven books (scroll down) which seek to refute the fiction. How strange.

See also Ledgerwood and Daly.


A Free Citizen

You didn't think I'd fail to post about our National Birthday, did you? Well, here are a few thoughts about what the 4th of July means to me.

It is important to keep in mind that a country is not the same thing as a government. There have been people on this Land for a long time, and the "United States" only came into existence in A.D. 1776. Genuine love of one's country (patriotism) ought not be confused with jingoism or being a national supremacist.

One should also remember that the current Constitution was not written until 11 years or so after Independence.

All that said, I am proud to be a citizen of these united States, and I think we have the best system of government around. So it angers and saddens me terribly that our officials despotically ignore the rule of law and tyrannously usurp powers not rightfully theirs.

That is what I think about when I hear the cannons blast and see the fireworks blaze.

ADDITION: the myth of Republican Conservatism