Allegheny Autumn

I was in the car, driving through fall-time beauty, listening to the radio when Supreme Court Justice Breyer said (rhetorically, implying a negative response) "There are 112 treaties where [the United States] submits to international jurisdiction, mostly commercial, like the WTO and NAFTA. Are all these unlawful?" I shouted out loud "YES!, You Tyrannous Flunky!" wanting to somehow reach my arm through the radio and slap him silly with a copy of The Constitution.

Mars Hill Audio offers an mp3 free issue of their new series Dialogues on Justice and Judges. Perhaps Roberts will help improve things. Now, if only we elect someone to the Executive who follows The Constitution too...

P.Robinson draws my attention to a book on our favorite pastimes.

Selected Shorts at Symphony Space finally puts their stories online.

In several entries Lee Irons proposes how Meredith Kline could have revised his earlier work By Oath Consigned according to his mature covenantal thought represented in Kingdom Prologue [pdf]. Kline said to Irons that "the passages [in BOC] on covenant theology were the ones that needed the most extensive revision. [Nevertheless,] he still stood by the main outline of his interpretation of circumcision and baptism, including his case for infant baptism."

Brother Jeffrey introduced me to quinoa (keen-wah), a SouthAmerican sort of grain. It's texture is like couscous, but heartier. And quinoa is rich in protein, essential amino acids, and iron. It's also fast & easy to cook and has a light, pleasant flavor. Does it sound like I'm selling something? Just a recommendation. Maybe I'm feeling a little hungry.