Ponderous Spring

Meredith Kline died. He is one of my favorite theologians, and I was happy to have met him a few years ago. WSCal and the OPC pay tribute. You can find his online writings here, and his books in print here.

Murder is now a little less legal in the U.S. See Joe Carter's posts 1, 2.

Thankfully, the D.C. gun ban was overturned. Administrators at VA-tech should wise-up.

On a less somber note (sorta), Poetry Month is almost over. One of my favorite poems is about hope.


Until The End

I recently viewed the 2004 (exclusive Italian DVD release) full four-and-a-half hour "trilogy-version" of Wim Wenders' (original 1991) film Bis ans Ende der Welt. I think I first saw the film in 1993, and have watched it nearly once every year since. There is perhaps the rare, brief scene here or there that seemed to work better in the cinema released version, but the director's cut significantly restores relevant material to the story. Without qualification I recommend it to you, but you may have a very difficult time finding this newer edition.

Speaking of the world's end, it probably won't come as much of a surprise that I consider it a Christian responsibility to care for the natural environment. However, I have not been convinced of "human-induced" climate change theory. I think it's a lot of hype and politics trying to pass for science. Read on that topic.

I also wanted to draw attention to my old college friend Kjirstin*. She will be returning (safe&sound, we pray) to Alabama this Spring from Baghdad. Interestingly, she's been blogging for Glamour magazine lately. All you writers should pay attention, because her blog runneth-over with experiential fodder for narrative.

Speaking of writers, two friends have each recently finished new works:

Aaron Belz brings you new poetry in The Bird Hoverer.

Eric Simpson brings you memoir and essay in My Salvation.

Moving on from the sublime to the trivial: I've enjoyed this firefox add-on that reads aloud any document or web page (aka text-to-speech). If you don't like ye ole standard computer voice, you can find others here... and even use them for free if you don't mind the constantly interrupting reminder to purchase the licensed copy.