The Ties That Bind

So, I have a new phone number again.
Please take note.

Brother Jeffy had his 30th recently, so we enjoyed one night of duckpin bowling and another of Ethiopian food. I think my New Year's resolution might be to bowl more. Bowl. That's a verb.

In other news, the old Theodicy sonnet has appeared.
My thanks to Matt Kirby.


Red Emma

So I've found a nice spot for web access. It seems like such a good thing, I wonder how long it will last. In anycase here I am. My friend, Dan Van Allen told me about his work being shown here, so I stopped by and am very pleased.

The comments are piling up two posts below. Perhaps now it will be more convenient to respond without long delays.


In With The North Wind

Over the "holidays," I was pleased to host three seniors from Redeemer University College, Ontario for a week during their winter break. I hope Steven, Andrea, and Jane found me a sufficient tour guide. I had a good time, anyway. Since I was also working most of the time, I'm not sure how much more we could have added to the family dinner, Federal Hill, the Visitor's Center, Fells Point, Sip&Bite, Machen's grave at Greenmount, Sylvan Beach Cafe, Lexington Market, Dizzy Issie's, the BMA, the Charles Theater, Club Charles, and the Dionysus.

I hope my friends got a good taste of the possibilities that await them in urban post-college life. You've got to choose your ghetto. Choose wisely.