Learn About Neocalvinism

Over at The Kuyperian you will find a few additions to the sidebar links which direct you to various off-site articles about Abraham Kuyper and/or his ideas about Calvinism as a worldview.

The on-site articles in the archives are "must reads" for anyone interested in finding out more about neocalvinism. However, I also want to draw your attention to two new resources which I have linked on the sidebar under books. The first is the "So You'd Like To Learn About Neocalvinism" guide, and the second is "The Kuyperian Book List," both of which are hosted at amazon.com

I hope you find The Kuyperian a helpful resource for learning more about neocalvinism, and for sharing with other believers neocalvinism's insights concerning a distinctively Christian and comprehensive understanding of life, the universe, and everything.


Short Video Hello

So... I have a new webcam. Enjoy.