I'm officially scheduled to attend the conference on Civil Society and Sphere Sovereignty at Princeton seminary 17 thru 19 April 2008 (about 12 weeks from now) and to present a paper Friday morning (10:30am til noon) at a session on "education as a sovereign sphere".

The purpose of the conference is to explore and critically examine neocalvinist thought concerning its relevance to contemporary debates about the relations between religion, society, and politics. I can't tell you how tremendously I'm looking forward to this. Any of you showing up?

I've been to Princeton once before, in 1998, for the 100th anniversary of Kuyper's "Stone Lectures" on Calvinism. I had just dropped out of college, sans degree, and it was like a pilgrimage to my intellectual motherland with a heavy heart, seeking inspiration and direction. Ten years later, I find myself in an oddly similar state. I'll be sure to update you on what comes of this opportunity.

In other news, I had a good week-long visit from brothers Jeff and Gary. We imbibed in our traditional DS9 fest, bowling and bar routine without incident. Our dear Garçon, natural enemy of oppression that he is, thoughtfully joined la cause pressante.

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