Somewhere In Middle America

Extraspecial thanks go out to Dr. Roger Henderson and family for their warm hospitality and encouragement to me while here in Sioux Center, Iowa.

In the above video I ask John Muether a few questions. We are at Dordt College for General Assembly. Mr. Muether is an historian, librarian, and editor... and an all-around swell guy.


Doing It Better

Reflecting on the passing of Falwell, while some preferred his (false) gospel to his politics, my sentiments were much the opposite. And I am reminded of what F. A. Schaeffer had to say about Falwell's politics:
"Some of us may perhaps have some questions about the Moral Majority and some of the things they have said... we must realize that regardless of whether we think the Moral Majority has always said the right things or whether we do not, or whether we think they have made some mistakes or whether we do not, they have certainly done one thing right: they have used the freedom we still have in the political arena to stand against [secularism]. They have [sought to bring] the fact that law is king, law is above lawmakers, and God is above the law into this area of life where it always should have been... The Moral Majority has [sought to] draw a line between [a Christian] total view of reality and [non-Christian] total view[s] of reality and [their respective consequences] in government and law. And if you personally do not like some of the details of what they have done, do it better. But you must understand that all Christians have got to do the same kind of thing or you are simply not showing the Lordship of Christ in the totality of life."

A Christian Manifesto, p.56,61

Speaking of which, the John Jay Institute has a podcasted lecture series of Christian Perspectives on Engaging Political Islam. The inaugural lecture by fellow-neocalvinist Paul Marshall is not to be missed.

In other news, it appears that only after about 500 years of reformation, Romanists have finally produced a complete English Psalter? See the "motherload" of biblical psalms in meter in English.

This past month I enjoyed visiting friends in New York City and Philadelphia. Some were celebrating the independence of Mexico, some graduating from school, some merely watching the finale of their favorite tv series. I've also been eating up Escape Pod, a sort of sci-fi audio zine. Happily, the host provides a rating system which I utilize by avoiding anything rated R or worse for sexual content. I really enjoy both the material and format of the shows.