St. Paddy's Day Resolution

This year, while donning my orange ribbon, I resolved to renew my subscription to the Nicotine Theological Journal.
I have it on good authority that an NTJ website is planned for sometime in 2008. There is already a facebook group. After more than 10 years in print, it's about time they went digital.

The NTJ is "a quarterly publication dedicated to a full and fiesty exploration of the riches of Old School Presbyterian culture, from helpful hints on how to sanctify the Lord's Day to recommendations regarding the best and most affordable single malt scotches. In the NTJ, you will find out what Presbyterians can't sing and what Presbyterians should smoke. You will read arguments on why confessional subscription still matters, and how it is affected by the political economy."

Send ten dollars U.S. [$10 is the updated 2008 price] to
1167 Kerwood Circle
Oviedo FL 32765
and request your annual subscription of four edifying issues today! (seriously)

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