The Next Blog

As I gear up to leave for Amsterdam on the 15th, I decided to set up a separate blog for potential studies related posts. I'll probably note here when I've posted there... so you'll be sure not to miss a single word. Go To REFORMATORISCHE.

In other news, I've secured housing not far from the University. Moving the majority of my earthly belongings into storage went smoothly. And I am so ready to go. I've never been readier.


Belated Bye-Bye To B&N

Thanks to all my co-workers and managers at the Pikesville Barnes&Noble bookstore. After working there for about a year and a half, I can say it was one of the more pleasant jobs I've ever had (thanks to you) and thus, the longest period I've been employed at any particular business.

It is regrettable that our friendships didn't extend much outside of work, but I am truly grateful for the magnanimity and humor you brought to our co-labors. And it was always a relief to have sympathetic ears about difficult customers.

I hope you will continue to check back for updates on my progress over the next year. Several of you suggested you might email me and/or come for a visit. I would be so pleased if you did! Contact Brad if you've lost my info.

[notice: This post was made from my new laptop!]