Office Hours

I don't have web access in my new apartment (yet?), and working at home has become too isolating. Although I can get to the university easy enough when I need to, I decided to find a cafe nearby with wifi. For today deBalie is my office, but I suppose I'll have to find multiple alternatives to avoid annoying the staff at any one place.

In other news, there is a nice piece about Gordon in the Sun.
Also, I made a second response on DeRegnoChristi blog here.

thesis happenings: pressing on... at the moment concentrating on analysis of Lonergan material.


The Belz Toll

Poetry is alive in the American Heartland. Unfortunately, it's also broke.

St. Louis writer and poet, Aaron Belz, is the proverbial starving artist. He's a fellow Calvinist and personal friend of mine. His work is really good, and if you believe in supporting good art, then consider the matching funds program for Observable. How often is one dollar worth two?

At the very least, you should visit Aaron's website and check out his writing, and you too will become a fan. Because, let me tell you, I've been feeling like that guy in the photo; alone in a crowd, tired, and undone. But sometimes a good poem can give you hope. You know what I mean?


Going Westside

Today I am moving from the southside to the westside. Some generous fellows are letting me stay with them for the next month and a half or so while I attempt to finish my thesis. I'm uncertain about the internet connection situation... so I may not be as readily accessible.

The new apartment is in a neighborhood called "Bos En Lommer." It's considered a not-so-good part of town because it has a higher percentage of immigrants. But even some of the nicer neighborhoods in Baltimore don't compare to the Lommer, let alone the Charm City neighborhoods I lived in.

I look forward to the change of scenery.


Got Liberty?

On this Independence Day I am pleased to be an American, both politically and culturally, more than ever. Being in this socialist dystopia of Europe has reinforced my conviction that we can't give up the fight. We must continually beat back tyrannous aggression. Because, folks, they'll even try to take your milk.

Do you really want a future of lifeless servitude to the State while drinking synthetic beverages? Let me encourage you, then, to get some real milk and to join the Constitution Party.

Also, you should support Gun Owners of America.