Experiment, part 4

I bought some sausages and green salsa. Outside the grocery I saw a massive moth, the size of a bird. It gave me chills.

This evening I appreciated reading Lane Tipton's article on the Reformed "incarnational" analogy to Scriptural inspiration. He does not mention it, but no doubt he is responding to misconceptions promoted by Peter Enns' book Inspiration & Incarnation. Lane writes that any such "analogy we suggest will need to be clearly articulated, carefully qualified, and presented in a way that avoids ambiguity and misunderstanding... [such a concept must not] be introduced or applied in a popular or loose way." By 'popular' I take it he means something like 'simplification yielding imprecision yielding distortion or error.' In any case, Art Boulet has a list of debates provoked by Enns' book.

I suppose all this is not properly mundane in the sense I intended. So the experiment somewhat fails for today (and maybe yesterday too), minus the talk about rain, food and moths. But the idea is to post an entry every day (for some undetermined number of days) even if there's nothing besides "everyday" stuff to mention. Possible future topics include grooming, frogs, smoking, and sleep.


Experiment, part 3

I witnessed baptism in the service this morning. Inevitably the doctrine of "improving" baptism in Westminster Larger Catechism #167 came to mind:
[We must draw the benefits from our baptisms] "all our life long, especially in the time of temptation, and when we are present at the administration of it to others; by serious and thankful consideration of the nature of it, and of the ends for which Christ instituted it, the privileges and benefits conferred and sealed thereby, and our solemn vow made therein; by being humbled for our sinful defilement, our falling short of, and walking contrary to, the grace of baptism, and our engagements; by growing up to assurance of pardon of sin, and of all other blessings sealed to us in that sacrament; by drawing strength from the death and resurrection of Christ, into whom we are baptized, for the mortifying of sin, and quickening of grace; and by endeavoring to live by faith, to have our conversation in holiness and righteousness, as those that have therein given up their names to Christ; and to walk in brotherly love, as being baptized by the same Spirit into one body."
In the afternoon I enjoyed the company of my niece and nephew. After intermittent rain we noticed what seemed a tremendously wide rainbow on the eastern horizon.

Just for kicks: good song.


Experiment, part 2

I went to a group picnic at a nature reserve. From the exit where I had to follow directions, the park was only 10 minutes away, but the directions were wrong and I drove around for almost an hour in a big circle. By the time I arrived everyone had eaten, and I was feeling that special kind of angry that accompanies bad directions, getting lost, and missing meal time.

I ate two hot dogs and tried to calm down and played some volleyball and watched kids smash a piƱata. Then I followed some friends back to their house and lounged and chatted until we went bowling. Between two entire frames of gutter balls, I got a strike on a "red pin" and won a free game... so I wasn't too frustrated by my otherwise un-zen performance.

One of my plans for this summer was to learn (start learning) how to read music so I can sightread and sing parts. Note to self: get old piano books from parents.

Why isn't honeysuckle a flavor or scent in flavored and scented products, I wonder.


An Experiment In The Mundane, part 1

I met up with some friends to see a flick. It was funny and entertaining. Then we stopped by a drive-in burger joint because I was in the mood. But I didn't have any cash and they were cash only, so a friend spotted me. It was all tasty. Also had a taste of mint chocolate chip ice cream, the green kind with the flat square-ish chips. Made me remember great-uncle Buddy as it always does.

I've noticed my clothes, though just washed, have a somewhat sour mildewy smell. I must have left them in the washer too long before drying. Or maybe buying that ultra-cheap detergent wasn't a good idea. On the way home I went to the 24-hour market and got some higher quality stuff and am re-washing everything.

I came across this article on the moral theology of William Ames. No opinion on it yet.

The may flies and lightning bugs are out in droves.