Experiment, part 4

I bought some sausages and green salsa. Outside the grocery I saw a massive moth, the size of a bird. It gave me chills.

This evening I appreciated reading Lane Tipton's article on the Reformed "incarnational" analogy to Scriptural inspiration. He does not mention it, but no doubt he is responding to misconceptions promoted by Peter Enns' book Inspiration & Incarnation. Lane writes that any such "analogy we suggest will need to be clearly articulated, carefully qualified, and presented in a way that avoids ambiguity and misunderstanding... [such a concept must not] be introduced or applied in a popular or loose way." By 'popular' I take it he means something like 'simplification yielding imprecision yielding distortion or error.' In any case, Art Boulet has a list of debates provoked by Enns' book.

I suppose all this is not properly mundane in the sense I intended. So the experiment somewhat fails for today (and maybe yesterday too), minus the talk about rain, food and moths. But the idea is to post an entry every day (for some undetermined number of days) even if there's nothing besides "everyday" stuff to mention. Possible future topics include grooming, frogs, smoking, and sleep.

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