25 Revelations
various things about my life and self
1. While riding a moped I was once hit by a car driven by a handicapped guy who had become paraplegic by being hit by a car while he was riding a moped.

2. As a kid I was strongly suspicious that I was adopted and had latent superpowers yet to manifest.

3. Regrettably, I still cannot read music.

4. I'm dating a librarian.

5. In late high school I often skipped classes to read philosophy in a file closet.

6. I once waterskied in the South China Sea off the east coast of Malaysia.

7. I strongly dislike in-house pets, watching or discussing sports, celebrity news, and hip-hop culture. I somewhat dislike pineapple on pizza.

8. My body weight has been consistent most of my adult life, except one year when I inexplicably gained 30 lbs and lost it the next year.

9. I first ate pimento cheese on a sweetbread sandwich in a county jail when I was 19.

10. The commute from my house to church is about an hour and a half.

11. As a Calvinist, I don't celebrate Christmas or any religious holidays except for the weekly Lordsday sabbath.

12. I have two younger brothers; one is a Benedictine monk in Oklahoma, the other is a jazz musician in Ireland.

13. As an adult (past 17 years) I've never had health insurance, I've never made more than 12k a year, and I've never taken government welfare.

14. During 2008 I became an anarchist (or an "anti- coercive monopoly, pro- polycentric public law order'ist," to be more specific).

15. Recently, one of my favorite authors is Frank Key.

16. I remember the 1979 Iranian Islamic Revolution and Iranian hostage crisis.

17. I'm working at a bank.

18. I admire mid-19th century facial hair styles, particularly walrusy mustaches.

19. I sued my high school.

20. When I first heard about the burning of the ancient Alexandrian library, I cried.

21. As a kid I had two uncles named Bob who both lived in Alaska.

22. I recently bought 100 one-ounce silver bullion coins in anticipation of eventual hyperinflation and destruction of the US dollar.

23. I have no excuse for not yet having a concealed carry permit.

24. The room temperature is usually lower than I'd prefer.

25. If you consider yourself a Reformed Christian or a Calvinist, I really want you to read Recovering the Reformed Confession by R.Scott Clark.

This meme was going around facebook, and I've been meaning to do something like this for a while. Just for kicks, leave a comment and tell me how many of these facts you knew (or didn't).