Of Spheres And Such

On Tuesday, I voted for Ron Paul in the Pennsylvania Republican primary. Find out why I did, at http://knowbeforeyouvote.com
It was my first time ever voting for a GOP candidate, and while I intend to vote for Ron Paul in the main election, I'm going to return my registration to the Constitution Party.

This past week I was substitute teaching first grade (yes, really) at the local Christian school. Sure enough I caught a cold. But the regular teacher is out recovering from surgery, so I'm praying for strength to persevere another week.

Speaking of education, I enjoyed the Kuyper Center conference on Civil Society and Sphere Sovereignty at Princeton Theological Seminary. I think my presentation went well (read it here). You can view the video below. Part 1 is about 35 minutes, and the Q&A starts at about 29 minutes. Part 2 is the remainder, about 8 minutes. Thanks to Brian Dijkema, Jonathan Chaplin, Russ Kuykendall, and others for the good questions. I may revise and expand the paper for submission to the Kuyper Center Review.

Thanks to my friend Scott Graybill for driving out to the conference with me, and buying the most expensive brunch I've ever eaten.

We couldn't have asked for better weather, and Princeton was in full Spring bloom. Here I am at the sepulcher of Archibald Alexander. We searched for the grave of Jonathan Edwards, but somehow couldn't find it. Alas.

Before heading home, we saw Ben Stein's documentary Expelled. I believe in academic freedom, so I liked the film and its main point. It makes me wonder if Stein would enjoy reading The Myth of Religious Neutrality. Anyway, it's sad and hilarious to see the dogmatic natural positivists going ape.