A Few Weekends

Last weekend I heard The Tarbox Ramblers at the Roots Café. I didn't like the opening group at all, the acoustics were poor, and I was cold, hungry and tired... so it took me a while to realize how tremendous they were. Haunting stuff. DaveBird-esque.

After a while, Jeffrey and I set out for a midnight meal at our town's best breakfast joint. Since the bars weren't closed yet we had the place all to ourselves. That was a moment to cherish, man.

This weekend I think I'm heading down to D.C. for a friend's birthday.

And the following weekend Dr. Tim is gettin hitched (sorry, ladies)! Although not the bestman, I have the honor of bachelor party organizing. So if any you boys read this and plan on being there, let me know. Ask the wives to babysit ahead of time, please. It all goes down on Thursday evening.

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