One For Sorrow, Two For Joy

Friday afternoon I rode with Jason, Betsy, and young Eli to Lancaster, PA for the weekend. We stayed with our friends Keith, Debbie, and little Jonathan (who had an ear infection, poor kid). That night we dressed-up and handed out treats. We watched the crowds build outside a church down the street. "You've been to the haunted houses," a sign read, "...but have you ever seen HELL?"
Keith remarked that there was a long line waiting to get into hell.

Later that evening after the kids were in bed, not being able to find Luther at the local video store, we opted for "The Hours" instead. I think Betsy summed up our collective response when she said, "I didn't suppose that each minute would be as unbearable as it was."

Saturday morning the boys went to Market, while the girls went thrift shopping. Nearby, I visited the Oldest Tobacco Shop in the U.S. for a few necessities. That afternoon we all went to the Greek Fest at Keith's church. I was happy to get some good coffee. The highlight of the weekend was a concert that evening with The Innocence Mission. It's difficult to overstate how melodiously wonderful their music is.

On the Lord's Day we visited Westminster PCA, where Debbie is considering membership. I noticed the church is studying Hart&Muether's With Reverence And Awe. We had a very tasty lunch, then I fell asleep on the couch before the ride home again.

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