Swift To The Booty

My sister is due to have her baby soon. Of course, I'm looking forward to being a first-time uncle. In the meanwhile, my thoughts turn to that most ancient of human vocations --naming. I was recently surprised to happen upon the fact that there is a contemporary TV actor who is named Mahershalalhashbaz (which, as I'm sure you know, means "swift to plunder, quick to spoil;" see Isaiah 8:1-4). I'm sorry, but I think that's cool.

In other news, I was privileged to give a presentation on Dooyeweerd's transcendental critique to the upper grades of Covenant Christian Academy a week ago. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and hope they'll have me back again.

Also, my brother, Jeff, and I eagerly anticipate the Baldwin & Cocktails Monday night. Join us if you're in town.

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