Baus In Berlin

Here are a few photos of me from Easter weekend (click to enlarge). You'll notice it was still a bit cold there.

In this first one I'm at the Schiller monument. I liked this guy behind me at the base more than the statue of Schiller himself. He seems so thoughtful, like maybe he's thinking about how Bernard Lonergan and Herman Dooyeweerd compare on the topic of knowing the Self. Or maybe he's just wondering where he can buy some cigarettes.

Next I'm at the Huguenot Church in Berlin. There were a bunch of people sitting around on either side at cafe tables when I stopped in my tracks and started shouting for Paula to get the camera. My friends asked what was the big deal. I said, "this is Calvin!" And all the people drinking coffee started whispering to each other, as though they were discussing among themselves who in the world Calvin might be and why this American tourist was so excited to be photographed with a plaque of him.

This is at Checkpoint Charlie. Facing east I presume.

This is Hannah Arendt Street, near the stunning Holocaust Memorial, a massive field of granite monoliths.

Here I'm gazing at a bit of the old wall displayed at Potsdamer Platz.

Here I'm fantasizing about the quaint life I never had as an U-bahn kioskman.

This gorgeous Kruezberg district Italian and Arab owned joint was a serendipitous find.

Here I'm at an autobahn exit with a sign to Hannover, the halfway point.

And yes, I did smile during this trip. Quite a bit. Just not in any photos. Sorry.

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