Antidote To Apathy

There has been some talk about apathy among the student crowd (so I've heard). I'm assuming that this apathy is particularly related to "social conscience and activism." One may suppose there are no easy answers. But we can take courage. While the answers are not easy, there are answers.

Diagnosising "causal" factors in apathy is always important. Surely there may be many diverse factors involved. However, one thing we can be certain of is that there is indeed a spiritual root to this apathy. I suggest that the spiritual dynamic involved here is well addressed in an understanding of "assurance."

Each of the three following "essays" --Joel Beeke's [pdf], Peter Jensen's, and Bill Baldwin's-- they all point to the gospel, and its objective claims, as the rock-solid basis of assurance. However, even if one has assurance by the true gospel as an individual believer, a biblically-faithful church is normative for the maintenance and growth of biblical assurance. Let's face it, a proper understanding of the gospel will lead many to become critical of their current "confessional communities," and rightly so. But be forewarned: many others will put their hands to the plow and then turn back.

In any case, the primary message here is that only the real gospel will produce real assurance. Only real assurance will produce a biblical social conscience and activism.