Can't Get Enough

Thursday night I attended an informal "ideas" discussion group. We are useing How To Think About The Great Ideas as a springboard. We discussed the first chapter on Truth. I had the opportunity (in everyday language) to argue transcendentally. To really explain my non-technical proposal would involve too much explanation about the comments to which I was responding. But the basic notion was about how we can't think philosophically about truth and what-is-true "purely rationally" apart from fundamental "faith" commitments. The group seemed responsive to the alternative definition of "faith": that it is not believing something "implausible" that we can't really "know," but that it is genuinely taking something as certain. The "something" here requires qualification to fill out what I was saying.

Anyway, I was really pleased to be understood. And it was a thrill to chat with sincere peers about ideas.

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