Discussing God, Etc.

I sometimes recommend to you an article, book, film, or artist. But this appeal goes beyond my highest recommendation. If you've ever found any interest in our existential discussions, please get a copy of Roy Clouser's Knowing With The Heart.

I'm addressing quite a few people really. Whether you're a believer or not, whether we are friends or were brief acquaintances, if we met in the past twelve years in either Baltimore, D.C., Harrisburg, California, Chattanooga, Prague, Amsterdam, Japan, or Canada… we probably had a philosophical conversation or two. And this book explains several key ideas I tried to articulate.

Did you ever read C.S.Lewis' Mere Christianity ? Although not written in the same kind of literary style, Clouser's book is honestly superior in content and is written in clear, nontechnical, immensely readable language. The primary theme of the book is religious experience and belief in God, and you'll find its implications as broad and deep as life itself.

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