Niche Market

As with many of my friends, I am a fan of single-malt scotch. Perhaps it's a kind of a quasi-ethnic religious thing. But recently I ordered a "Presbyterian" (bourbon and ginger) and a friend asked me about the origin of the drink's name. I had no idea. After a little internet research, I still have no idea.

I did learn that the recipe varies, however. The drink may have originated as club soda and whiskey... appearing a bit like ginger ale. Sometimes it calls for rye instead of bourbon. If the name is supposed to imply that Presbies are shy about their liquor consumption, it certainly did not come from theologically orthodox brethren.

I also enjoy a good pipe of the world famous Presbyterian Mixture every once in a while. ...so the weather has been rough and I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever. Must... get... out.

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