Valentines For Everyone

So I've been underground for a while. Doing some thinking. Stuff I can't blog about, sorry to say. But with the approach of Valentine's Day, I did a little writing about sexuality. Here's a bit I'd like to share with you.

When I was 6-years-old my father had the birds-and-bees discussion with me… after I had inquired about the meaning of the F-word. Besides explaining certain fundamentals of "intercourse" (penetration and fertilization!), the talk was short on technical "how to" details. I was only six, after all. But Dad's careful and natural explanation was long on the inexpressible awesome-ness of God's creative and good design for marital relations.

I could tell my father was speaking from his heart, and he made it appear to me that sexual intercourse was the most profound theological truth of them all, second only to redemption. It turned out that puberty was horribly difficult (and life since then hasn't been a cake-walk either). But the big sex talk was a profoundly positive influence on my future sexual development.

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