It's Pronounced: OW-len-shtay-duh

Just in case you want to send me care packages and such, here's my new postal address:

Uilenstede 102 E-2040
1183 AM Amstelveen

This is my apartment building: backyard canal, front courtyard with bikes, side view of the courtyard. In reference to downtown (or "centrum" as they call it), I'm located at the red star on this map. That's about as far as St.Agnes Hospital on the southwest side is from Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Anyway, I'm just checking in with ya'. Things are going quite well. I'm really, really enjoying classes (see note below for more info). I deleted the blogger comment system from my academic blog because I was tired of the spam and lame interface. Haloscan should be more convenient.

NOTE: new post at Reformatorische on 21 Sept.

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