Keeping Busy

I'm sorry to have whetted your appetites and then not to have followed through on more frequent and regular posts. However, I've been utterly occupied with reading and thinking. And translating my notes into blog posts (for my academic blog) is more labor intensive than I suspected.

I've also been busy with a few regular extracurricular activities. Every Wednesday I attend a dinner and prayer meeting with various other calvinist international students (and, happily, a few orthodox Lutherans join us). Although, midweek is so hectic, we're thinking about moving it to Friday nights.

Thursdays are packed. After classes, there is a department social (which I'm at this very moment... it just started) every other week. And each Thursday evening I attend a philosophical discussion at the "student chaplaincy." The Thursday evenings when there is no department social, I'll attend a dinner at the chaplaincy before discussion.

Anyway, I hope to post on my thesis topic in the near future. Of course, there have been more unscheduled social activities --for instance, I attend a performance of Carmina Burana at the university Cultural Center this past Saturday-- but I haven't found such things truly "blogsome." But I will try to include more of them to satisfy your curiosity.

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