Drinking With The Son Of Confucius

This evening I went out to the local pub and had a wonderful time of drinking and discussion with Frank, 76th generation descendant of Zi-Kong-Qiu, more commonly known as K'ung Fu-tzu, Latinized as Confucius.

We imbibed in beer and Abraham Kuyper's favorite drink, Jenever. In fact there's a brand of old "dutch gin" called De Kuyper... but I don't think it's related. Anyway, Abe was famous for saying "you can't raise a generation of bold, brash Calvinists on chocolate milk." And we heartily agreed.

We, of course, discussed Li Bai (Li Po), the film of Zhang Yimou, Herman Dooyeweerd, and Chinese Bible translation. A good break from studying before exams.

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