Ice On The Tracks

I waited for over an hour, but the number 5 never came. The 51 was running, and if I took the next one, I could hike twenty blocks and maybe make it in time for after worship coffee. Forget it. I went back to my apartment, made my own coffee, and attended "Laptop Presbyterian." Turned out to be the best service since I've been here.

unlike the photo, we've only got ice. No snow yet.

Here's a selection from the liturgy:

Call To Worship
Hebrews 12:22-24

God our Heavenly Father, we acknowledge and confess our great sinfulness and guilt. Apart from Christ, our whole natures are corrupt, and we are prone to all evil. All our best thoughts, words, and deeds are defiled. We continually break Your holy laws, doing what You forbid, and not doing what You require. We deserve Your condemning judgment, just wrath, and everlasting punishment. In great sorrow for our sin, we humbly repent, and beg for Your mercy and grace. We ask that You would forgive us all our sins, count us as completely righteous, and enable us to live in new obedience, only for the death and merit of Your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Not Peace, But A Sword [mp3] by Rev. Matt Cotta on Matthew 10:34-38

Hymn [midi]
Day of judgment! day of wonders!
Hear the trumpet's awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,
Shakes the vast creation round.
How the summons will the sinner's heart confound!

See the Judge, our nature wearing,
Yet by Spirit glorified.
You who long for His appearing
Then shall say, this God is mine!
Gracious Savior, own us in that day as Thine.

In that day of resurrection
Righteous judgment He'll employ.
Christ will say, ye faithful, well done;
Enter now your Master's joy.
Cursed ones He will everlastingly destroy.

Under sorrows and reproaches,
May this thought our courage raise!
Promised sure, the day approaches
When the world is set ablaze.
So we'll dwell in vindication by His grace.

original words: John Newton, 1774; revised: Gregory Baus, 2005
music: “St. Aus­tin,” Gre­gor­i­an chant; ar­ranged in the Bris­tol Tune Book, 1876

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