Killer Burrito

Saturday evening I met up with Josh and Beth. Josh is soon off to Iraq to do some teaching. I am very impressed with his Arabic writing abilities. Beth is as industrious as ever, and will soon be running a half-marathon.

On the way home I was famished. Against my better judgment, I stopped at the late night Taco Bell drive-thru. I swore off of fast food ages ago... but every once in a while I remind myself why. So I was up half the night with fever and shaking. Did everyone who ate there that night get food poisoning, or was it just me?

In other consumer news, I'm trying a new handrolling tobacco by Mac Baren. They make an American blend and a Halfzware, which I'm enjoying. It's quite new, so you might not see it around just yet. Former Douwe Egbert's Drum users should give it a try.

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