Things Trivial, Things Profound

So I'm back with a trace more tint to my skin. The threat of a tropical storm soured the weather in the middle of the week, but we got a few beautiful days at the start and finish. I was motivated to buy my first pair of sunglasses since the seventh grade. They make me look tough.

Although the storm sent them home early, I did get to meet my great-uncle Jimmy and my Dad's cousin Jack. I heard some good stories and learned about that side of the family for the first time.

On a global note, things still look disasterous in Darfur. While most news-reports give the impression that the situation arose without previous history in February 2003, the fact is that northern Sudanese Muslims* have been attacking the southern Sudanese since 1955 and have taken about 2 million lives. Like many on-going conflicts, it has a long history. Visit Frontline Fellowship to find out more.

update: BBC info on Darfur conflict & Sudanese civil war

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