Will This Be The End Of Monkey-Boy?!

Today at work, we narrowed in on the infamous villain. We had our suspicions, but he really gave himself away, when in an attempt to flirt with a new cafe worker, he said tomorrow he would bring her some stickers. "Stickers?," she wondered. Being such an odd encounter, she mentioned it to a manager and me on a smoke break. "Did he say what kind of stickers?!," we hollered back. Well, he hadn't said. But we think we got our man.

You see, for the past six months or so, someone has come into the bookstore each day, gone to the men's restroom, stuffed the toilet full of paper towels, and plastered the underside of the toilet seat with monkey stickers.

One time is annoying, but sort of funny. Every day for a month is aggravating. Every day for six months is an insane outrage. The only thing we were sure of: this fellow has a lot of monkey stickers.

And, oh, what a clever little monkey-boy he was. But now he's going down.

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