Demonstrations Of Her Power

I mentioned Oprah in the last post, and as any observer of contemporary American culture knows, she is --for good or ill-- one of the most influential opinion-shapers around. She does what academic "public intellectuals" used to do. In her variegated arsenal, Oprah has a book club, and almost every book she reads or recommends shoots straight to the best-sellers list.

This past week, she recommended a sort of romantic self-help book. Before the hour was up (!) every copy in our store was reserved by customers who called in. Every single day since then about 20 women come in to the bookstore asking for the title.

The main premise of the book seems to be that in things romantic (as in general) men are neither confusing or indirect. However, women are ever circuitous and cryptic, constantly trying to interpret the frank and unsymbolic actions of men. This book apparently speaks femalese and helps women understand otherwise obvious male behavior.

Sometimes I say to Oprah: more power to ya.

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