Home Is Where Your Books Are

This weekend I strolled through the annual Book Fest. I asked the Book-Thing folk if there was any progress on finding a new location (or financial donations). They told me things seem dire, and that I should write Oprah to request help. I also stopped by the CityLit Project tent to say hello to Gregg Wilhelm (but he's a busy guy and wasn't there). I also visited the YPR booth to congratulate them on the quality debut of The Signal, a long overdue radio zine on local arts&culture.

Recently I bought "The Chicago Guide to Your Academic Career: a portable mentor for scholars from graduate school through tenure." So far I have found it quite encouraging. Perhaps I will have opportunity to explore some other books on this list.

The biggest piece of news, however, is that brother Jeff and I are moving into a new apartment in Reservoir Hill the first week of October. Rejoice all you peoples!

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