The Scandal Of Free Speech

I'm trying hard to resist political posts. They can get old mighty fast. Anyway, you will notice my "election season" sidebar block for your edification. As a Kuyperian Constitutionalist (to be distinguished from a Calvinist Libertarian), I am sympathetic to much of the thought represented on those sites.

I cannot restrain myself, however, from voicing objection to current campaign finance and election reform bologna. The Democrat and Republican opposition to 527s is disgusting. You'd think they would try to be subtle about it. "Unregulated" "soft" money?... uh, it's called free speech, you despotic dimwits!

I'm also a supporter of open ballot access and open debate. Educate yourself to be a responsible citizen, and don't let the tyrants enslave you.

Just to lighten the mood, check out this pic of Zell Miller at the RNC last week.

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