Somewhere In Some Library

My article, entitled Dooyeweerd's Societal Sphere Sovereignty: a theory of differentiated responsibility, is now available at the Peace Palace library here. It is also available online in pdf HERE, from the June 2006 Griffin's View International and Comparative Law Journal site. It is a revision of the short paper I wrote this year.

In other news, you can listen to Dr. Henk Geertsema's October 2005 lecture on Dooyeweerd's transcendental critique on this site. The recording -in two parts- was made at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, by fellow student Xiaomei Ge. The lecture was given in the International Masters in Christian Studies of Science and Society program (IMCSSS) in light of our reading of the first two chapters of Dooyeweerd's In The Twilight Of Western Thought. The recording is made available with the permission of Dr. Geertsema under the condition that exclusive responsibility and all liability remain with me.

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