Worth Reading

Officially, I don't do these "questionnaires". But I enjoyed reading the answers of others (practically everyone has done it already), and I was tagged by Steve and Scott, and figured I could take liberties with the format. So, here are a few comments about books.

G.I. Williamson's study on the Westminster Confession of Faith definitely changed my life. It's difficult to imagine what kind of person I might be today apart from the influence of this book on my faith. It's probable that I would have been just as argumentative, but I would have wasted my life arguing about less important things, or for less biblical views.

John Bright's The Kingdom Of God is one of the few books I've read more than once. I've read parts of books (particularly non-fiction) over again. But this book was definitely worth multiple cover-to-cover readings.

There are far too many books I've been intending to read. In a non-academic genre, I need to read something by Sarah Vowell. I'm familiar with her work from hearing shorter pieces over the radio. I might be her biggest fan who has never read any of her books. Academically, I really need to read something by Richard Muller; perhaps this one especially. And fiction-wise, I have a hard time persevering through novels (although audio is just fine, I can listen for hours), so short story is my preference. Anthologies are good.

You may be interested to know that I pretty much laugh and cry no matter what I read. Honest. I have both laughed and cried while reading philosophy texts. What can I say? I'm easily moved.

I don't (officially) "tag" them, but I would be interested to read Paul's, Jeff's, Salimah's, Eric's, and Julie's responses to the typical 9 questions. Paul devours books (so it seems) like Hades does the reprobate. The others are perhaps my most "literary" friends.

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