Back In The Stacks

Time spent with The Republic's "Emissary of Swing," Cork's own "Saxophonist Supreme," Gary Baus, was excellent. I was able to witness his performance with almost every one of his numerous acts. Thanks to all the tenants of House Hawthorne and friends. Hope to see you all again sooner than later.

I was also introduced to the music of OX, whom my brother toured with a while back. Enjoying their latest.

The Reformational Philosophy Club has its next meeting this Monday. I hope we can keep up the momentum.

I recently acquired various books on/by Vollenhoven: 1, 2, 3. And I'm quite ready to dive back into the studies. I recall the sentiment of a fellow student who commented that sometimes too little study is also wearisome*.

Dear friends, thanks for all your continued prayer and support. Thanks for the socks. Thanks for the cookies. It's good to have such friends.

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