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[the first half paragraph of chapter 8 of Herman Dooyeweerd's In The Twilight Of Western Thought, revised edition p.119]
What Is Man?
The Crisis of Western Civilization

The question, "What is man?" occupies a central place in contemporary European thinking. This question is certainly not new. After every period in the history of Western thought wherein all interest was concentrated upon the knowledge of the outer world, i.e. the immense universe, man began to feel unsatisfied. In this situation human reflection always turns again to the central riddle of man's own existence. As soon as this riddle begins to puzzle human thought, it seems as if the external world recedes from the focus of interest. In one of his splendid dialogues, Plato pictures his master, Socrates, as a man obsessed with but one aim in his search for wisdom, namely, to know himself.

It's a bit rough, I think. But guess how I did it. Skype! That's right, I computer-phoned-in my test audiopost. I got inspired by the podcast on my new favorite devotional site, Klingon Word.

Believe it or not, the site is devoted to reflections on Holy Scripture, through the lens of the Klingon Language Version of the World English Bible. On top of that, the commentator seems to be a Catholic layman, but it's really good stuff.

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