Where Two Or Three Have Gathered

This weekend I attended the annual study conference of The Association for Reformational Philosophy. I arrived a bit late due to re-directed trains, but eventually met up with my colleague, Karel, and caught the last bit of Dr. Schuurman's address and attended two workshops. That evening in Amersfoort I crashed a gathering for the Christian Union Party Youth at Café Seven. And later, was hosted by Johann & Lizette for a wonderful curried potpie dinner. I stayed the night, and Johann graciously passed on to me the "wandering guitar," an ownerless Juan Salvador modelo2 which, after countless stewards, found its way to him some time ago, and which I promised to pass on before leaving the Netherlands.

This afternoon Karel and I met with Sander to discuss the formation of a Kuyper Society at the Free University for the propagation of a Calvinist worldview and interdisciplinary co-operation among students and scholars. We are quite encouraged by each others zeal, and yet are keenly aware that the task is too great for any of us. Thankfully, the battle is not ours to win.

In other news, I've really been enjoying Pandora. Listen here to "Baus Cool Jazz Radio" and tell me how you like it.

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