Quiet Week

It stopped raining as often, and the temperature dropped below freezing. The canals are frozen, thick enough to hold ducks, but probably not ice skaters yet. I bet those ducks are sorry they didn't go south for the winter. If you think ducks walk funny on average, you should see them when they're really, really cold. Oh man, it almost makes the bitter weather worth it, just to see those guys try to waddle all scrunched-up like that.

So... beside the duck thing, not much is going on. Earlier in the week I attended another SID lecture in a series on Religion and International Relations (& Development). If you're interested in the topic, you can read several of the lectures here (scroll down).

David Lynch (yes, really) stopped by the university the other day, but it was only to evangelize for TM.

You can read about some of the historical background to my short paper in an article I would have entitled "The Anti-Revolution Betrayed."

Recently posted articles on Kuyper, Science, and Design by R.vanWoudenberg (thanks to Steve Bishop). You may also be interested in Macht's 101 posts about Intelligent Design. Good stuff.

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